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Free Pharmacy Technician Training is available from some companies and schools in the form of online training and continuing education courses. We've listed some resources below. Of course, there are also many affordable books about becoming a Pharmacy Technician and one of those may be very helpful for a cost of about $20.

The demand for Pharmacy Techs is increasing as baby boomers age and pharmaceutical companies continue to develop drugs and medicine. So, if you are just starting to consider this career, or are already a tech and are looking for continuing ed, you are in a good field with lots of opportunity.

What is it like to be a Pharmacy Tech ? Daily duties focus around assisting Pharmacists with their tasks. This involves handling prescription requests and verifying that the information is complete and accurate. They also retrieve the medication and count or weigh it. Putting the prescription in bottles and affixing proper labeling are the final steps prior to review by a Pharmacist. Depending upon the setting, there may be additional administrative type tasks such as stocking shelves and helping with phone calls.

Here are some resources for free Pharmacy Tech training:

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