Pharmacy Technician Gifts
CPhT Coffee Mugs, Pins, T-shirts, Books and More

Pharmacy technician gifts for yourself or your CPhT friend or family member.

If you've recently become a CPhT, or have a friend or family member that is a recent Pharmacy Tech, you want to celebrate and reward yourself or your friend. There are an amazing variety of gifts available for pharmacy technicians.

There are some very creative logos that are available on just about any type of gift such as t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, teady bears, tote bags, even underwear.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Everyone enjoys coffee at work and there are numerous designs and styles available for pharmacy employees. There are basic designs and joke designs. Help your friend relax and think of you every time they enjoy their coffee. Try this site for some of these gifts: pharmacy technician gifts

Custom Jewelry Pieces

There are also some very nice silver jewelry pieces that make nice gifts for recent graduates. View a handmade silver piece here: Handmade Silver Jewelry

Lapel Pins

You may like a simple but classic pharmacy technician pin that could be worn on their lab coat or on a sportcoat or dress or blouse. find one here

Personalized Clipboard or Notepad

CPhTs are always jotting down notes and keeping records of various prescription information or calculations. A fun gift could be a custom clipboard or notepad that has a special message. Maybe something personal such as "Megan is a special CPhT" or something fun such as "you know there's a pill for that".

Infant and Baby Clothes

Does your Pharmacy Technician have a baby or toddler ? There are many custom onesies and t-shirts for CPhT babies. You can have almost any image or phrase printed on the onesie. Ideas are "my mom is a great CPhT", "my Pharmacy Tech dad helps people". These are very affordable gifts, usually costing around $7 - $15.

We hope you've found some good ideas for gifts for your CPhT ! Of course it's a great achievement to become a pharmacy technician and even small gifts are sure to be appreciated. It takes alot of time, effort and commitment to go through training to be a pharmacy tech, it's nice to consider buying a gift for yourself or your friend or relative.

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